2017 Annual Meeting Committee Reports

Annual Meeting FY 2017 

"The Year of the Carriage House"
(1/1/2017 to 12/31/2017)
Powerpoint Presentation - January 7, 2018

URSCC Annual Meetings


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URSCC Annual Meeting  

Since 2015 the URSCC fiscal year ends 12/31, so Annual Meetings are held in early January at the Bonine House, weather permitting, or the Vandalia Village Hall.  URSCC Board members report on the various committees they head, summarizing activities for the year.  The treasurer gives a year end financial report and the president gives a preview of the coming year.  A powerpoint depicting URSCC events and activities during the year rounds out every Annual Meeting, starting with the theme of the year.  Then we all have cake : )