Carriage House Restoration


                             James E. Bonine Carriage House

A rare example of a Gothic Revival carriage house, built by James E. Bonine in the early 1850’s stands across from The Bonine House at the corner of M-60 and Calvin Center Rd.  It is thought to have been adapted from The Architecture of Country Houses by A.J. Downing, published in 1850.  Downing was one of America’s most prominent architects.    
While there is little evidence that freedom seekers were sheltered in The Bonine House, there are many references to them being housed, fed and clothed in the Carriage House, making James E. and Sarah B. Bonine UGRR stationmasters.

URSCC purchased the Carriage House along with The Bonine House in December 2010 and started restoration in 2014.  The Carriage House is now partially restored and open to visitors whenever the Bonine House is.

The Carriage House

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