Underground Railroad Society

of Cass County, Michigan


 Much of the original foundation was replaced by cement in the 1930's, but enough is left to guide Quality Masonry in its restoration.  The inside of the Carriage House foundation is being rebuilt using fieldstone from the Bonine House, saved when the SW wall was restored.  The outside of the foundation is using cobblestone that was discovered in the front yard of the Bonine House by Legacy 4H when their did their planting in June of 2013 (see Bonine House Landscaping for photos).

January 2015
Quality Masonry prepares to restore the foundation, hoping to stay warm!

The first step is 'cribbing' to hold the building up while new beams are installed and the foundation is rebuilt. 

The Carriage House

July, 2014
Restoration begins on the Carriage House.  URSCC hires Bullseye Construction, a local firm, to do the restoration.  Quality Masonry will rebuild the foundation

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The inside of the Carriage House is cribbed as well to insure support for foundation restoration.

A new beam is installed on the south and west side of the building.


Carriage House Restoration