URSCC purchased the Bonine House and the Carriage House in late December 2010 with the intention of restoring the Bonine House as a community events center and a focal point for telling the story of the UGRR in Cass County.  The Carriage House is to be restored as a station on the UGRR.  Structural engineers told us the Bonine House was in imminent danger of collapse; so work on the SW corner began as soon as possible after determining the best way to proceed.  From the SW corner in fall 2011 to the front porches in fall of 2015, there has been steady progress on the restoration of the Bonine House.  We have documented it in photos and invite you to take a look at our journey so far.  The Carriage House has been stabilized and work on it will begin in earnest after the repair and restoration of the north wall of the Bonine House, underway in November, 2015. 
Click here for the visitor's tour of the Bonine House, which gives a brief history and summary of our plans


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The Bonine House

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Bonine House Restoration