Spring -- Spring clean-up included weeding and mulching "Shirley's Garden"

January -- Dale Layman Construction starting work on the front porches-- pouring cement and installing footers

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The Bonine House

Spring-Summer - Prepping and painting the upstairs rooms and repairing/restoring the floors

Spring -- Front entrance plantings with lampposts

Underground Railroad Society

of Cass County, Michigan


Bonine House Restoration


                                               North Wall Repair and Reconstruction  Fall-Winter 2015
The roof of the makeshift porch on the back of the Bonine House pulled the outer course of brick from the inner course and broke most of the anchor bricks between the layers along the North wall and East and West corners.  

Quality Masonry took down the outer course brick by brick and installed a new anchoring system which involves drilling a hole in spaced bricks and filling it with epoxy and a metal anchor (shown in the photo gallery).  They cleaned the bricks and re-built the outer wall. The wall was then attached to the floor joists of the second floor rooms.  The North wall of the Bonine House was the last structural hurdle.  

URSCC looks forward to 2016 Bonine House projects-- restoring the side screened porch, the back porch, kitchen and bath and completing the downstairs rooms. 

The Bonine House Fall 2015

Spring and Summer -- Work on the porches continues