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Ms. Pike's Class

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Stacey Bonine's 4th Grade class at Lake Center Elementary in Portage MI presented their UGRR Wax Museum--Cass County and Beyond-- on June 7th.  Fellow 4th graders who participated in the program but did not present, also attended.  All the students toured the Bonine House and Carriage House, then boarded a bus for the Kentucky Raid Tour that included a stop at the Stephen Bogue House.  Stacey's 4th graders have been presenting their UGRR Wax Museum since 2012.  They are always well prepared and delightful, and this year followed true to form.

June 7, 2019

Ms. Struble's Class

Sam Adams 5th Grade Cass County UGRR Wax Museum

April 30, 2019

Lake Center Elementary 4th Grade Cass County UGRR Wax Museum

A rainy day didn't dampen the spirits of Sam Adams Elementary School 5th graders as each class jubilantly jumped off the bus, and gathered on the front steps of the Bonine House, home of UGRR stationmasters James E. and Sarah Bogue Bonine.  They entered the house and sorted into six groups in various rooms-- The Kentucky Raid, Freedom Seekers, Pioneer Black Families, Civil War/102nd USCT and Connecting Lines.  Characters in each group were in costume and stood silently in their 'wax' pose.  Family and other visitors were welcomed to the house and given a program that gave an overview of each group, noted each character's name, and the name of the student playing that character.  They visited each room, and pressed a 'button' on each character, who came to life and gave a one minute speech about who they were and how they were a part of the Underground Railroad in Cass County, then went back to their 'wax' pose.  Each class presented for 1-1/2 hours.  The Bonine House rang with the chatter of UGRR characters, and shone with the smiles of those learning about them.  

Sam Adams has presented the Cass County UGRR Wax Museum since 2013, but this is the first year it became part of the 5th grade curriculum, with all students participating,