Students have researched characters from the local Underground Railroad (UGRR) and have chosen one to portray as a 'wax' figure.  They have written a one minute script describing their character and will be in period costume.  Groups of students will be stationed in various rooms of the Bonine House waiting for visitors to press a 'button' on their hand to hear about their role in the UGRR.  Many of the students will be portraying 4th and 5th generation ancestors, Quaker, free black and fugitive slave (now called freedom seeker).
Groups will focus on the stories of Freedom Seekers, the Kentucky Raid, Quaker Abolitionists, Free Black Families, Rural Schools, African American Civil War Soldiers, and Connecting UGRR Lines in the region.
The UGRR Wax Museum appeals to all ages, even young children.  Come and learn about the history of the Underground Railroad in Cass County in a charming, enjoyable way. 

Press Release
Sam Adams Elementary to present Cass County Underground Railroad Wax Museum at the Bonine House
Felomina Patton, 5th grade teacher at Sam Adams will bring 4th, 5th and 6th grade students to the historic James E. Bonine House on Friday, June 13th to present the Cass County Underground Railroad Wax Museum from 1-3pm

Sam Adams Elementary School Wax Museum 2014

UGRR Wax Museum

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