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Underground Railroad Society
of Cass County, Michigan

Courtnee Anderson was a Cassopolis high school student when she wrote this poem in honor of the unveiling of the"Sanctuary and Deliverance in Cass County" mural in downtown Cassopolis in the Fall of 2011.

The Kentucky Raid of 1847

Delivered, Now Free

By:  Courtnee Anderson

Have you heard?
Dey coming
Dey coming after me
Is I to be scared?
Why should I fear?
There's more up here than I've ever seen
A Quaker on my side to hide me

Have you seen?
A white man,
Suspicious as can be,
Telling his men where to capture slaves on land that is free

Have you felt?
A mother's pain
When they barge in and take her baby away
Makin her come out from hiding
Childless mother held captive now crying

Have you heard?
I's not goin back,
They can't make me,
We fought the fight,
We kept the faith,
And we is free!

Have you realized?
A raid took place so we we can be delivered from slavery,
So we could all live free,
Free from all the suffering,
Free to have integrity
Free to live in unity
Free to love
Free to be proud of Cass County