June, 2014

Legacy 4H does planting at Historic Bonine House

Some people wish it will happen
Some people wait for it to happen
Legacy 4H makes it happen!

Is the motto for an extraordinary group of over 50 kids and adults, who descended on the historic James E. Bonine House at Penn Rd and M-60  in  Vandala on Saturday, June 22nd to plant the front yard with bushes and trees, and lay a flagstone walkway.

The Legacy 4H group, led by Linda Bogue and  Rachele Ward, is only three years old, but their spirit and can-do attitude is inspirational.  The group obtained a grant from Enbridge to do planting at a historic site and chose the Bonine House.  Kirk Wagner of Upstream Waters and Kevin Ryder, landscape architect, supervised the installation, which went smoothly until hitting long buried fieldstone.  Undaunted, Legacy member Todd Collins ran home and returned with his excavator, making short work of the problem. 

Linda Bogue said  "The group, from the youngest to oldest, worked like a well oiled machine.  These families and kids are wonderful.  We have a lot of community spirit and the parents love to have their kids involved in positive projects where all ages learn to work together.  We are so proud to be part of the restoration of the Bonine House."

The Bonine House

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