-- A Precious Memento Makes Its Way Home--

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On June 3, 2020 URSCC members wrote to me about a photo album available on Ebay.  It was African Americans from Calvin Township and Vandalia, MI dating back to the 1850's, including many tin types, a priceless album.  I looked at the listing at $2500, and decided I would ask our membership if they wanted us to have it.  In a frenzy of back and forth, bidding and counteroffers, URSCC was able to purchase the album for $1380 including taxes and shipping, thanks to donations from over twenty members. 

One of our members Stacy Lankford, a fine photographer, offered to photograph the album and scan the pages so everyone could see and share the photos.  Lin Pollard, our URSCC webmaster, put the photos in a gallery below.  Thanks to Stacy and Lin for making this wonderful piece of history available to all of us.  The actual album will be in a display case upstairs in the Bonine House and Stacy's album of photographs will be beside it, giving access to all.  

Wander through the photos and click to see an enlargement. Click on the right and left arrows to go through the album.  If you know anything about a photo, please go to our Contact Us page and tell us the number on the photo and your relationship with the person.   We'll publish these comments on our website and in the notebook at the Bonine House.  Thank you.

                                                                          --Cathy LaPointe, treasurer, URSCC


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