Performances at the Bonine House

The Carriage House

The Downstairs Bathroom

The Tower

The Upstairs (Snowman) Bathroom

The Living Room

Outside the House

The Downstairs Hall

The Tower Landing

Christmas at the Bonine House 2018

The Boy's Room

The Bonine Bedroom

The Nursery

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

Welcome to Christmas at the Bonine House 2018 Slide Show

The Bethlehem Room

The Underground Railroad Office

Our deepest thanks to everyone who helped to make Christmas at the Bonine House a wonderful experience again and also to all of our visitors who made it such a joy to present.

The Bogue House wasn't open but it looked beautiful in the snow we had  a week earlier.

The Parlor

The Library

The Underground Railroad Room

Underground Railroad Society

of Cass County, Michigan