​We didn't have snow for our first weekend but we had a lovely full moon!  We had plenty of snow for the second.

The Kitchen

First we enter the warm, welcoming kitchen with a "roaring fireplace."

​The Dining Room

​Next the Dining Room decorated in memory of our beloved Maria Jones.

The Living Room

Elegantly decorated and a great place for live musical entertainment.

​Downstairs Hallway

Featuring the beautiful donation box designed by Deb Wiggins.

The Parlor

Santa, Mrs. Claus and Belinda the Elf visited us again this year and were enjoyed by children of all ages.

The Underground Railroad Office

Downstairs Bathroom

Elegantly decorated for a Victorian Lady.

Upstairs Hall

Beautiful as usual with some of the original Bonine furniture.

The Tower

A favorite spot for kids and others.

The Library 

A beautiful room for books and research about the Underground railroad

Underground Railroad Room

A museum room dedicated to the UGRR in Cass County

Little Girl's Room

Just a sweet little room with a magnificent doll collection.

Little Boy's Room

This room is equally adorable.

The Bonine Bedroom

Beautifully decorated and ​with the original Bonine bed and other furniture.

The Bethlehem Room

​A crazy quilt forms a beautiful background for a Christmas  Creche 

Upstairs Bathroom

Home of the Snowmen family and the shower tree.

The Carriage House

The partially restored Carriage House looking beautiful in the snow. Also Santa and the restored farm wagon that was recently donated to us.​  

Christmas at the Bonine House 2017

Welcome to Christmas at the Bonine House 2017 Slide Show

Our deepest thanks to everyone who helped to make Christmas at the Bonine House a wonderful experience again and also to all of our visitors who made it such a joy to present.

Underground Railroad Society

of Cass County, Michigan


Dining Room—Family and Friends of Maria Jones
Living Room—Char Hiemstra, Jane Bergman, Janeen Godfrey, Debbe Meyers
Parlor—Gloria Chavez, Elena Chavez
Kitchen—Kim Jay, Cathy LaPointe, Cindy Yawkey
Downstairs Bathroom—Cathy LaPointe
Stairway—Jean Shultz
Library—Carolyn Kelly, Felomina Patton
Little Boys Room—Carolyn Kelly, Felomina Patton
Little Girls Room—Jan LaPointe
Upstairs Bathroom—Cindy Yawkey
Bethlehem Room—Deb and Spurgeon Wiggins
Bonine Bedroom—Cathy LaPointe
Outside Deer Display—Cindy Yawkey (with help from Corey Crocker and Mike Moroz)
Bonine Carriage House Wagon—Donated by Gary Long and Steve Eberlein (M60 Antiques) and restored by Mike Kidman.  Interpreted by Mike Moroz, Cindy Yawkey and Cathy LaPointe
--Thanks to Dussels for donating our lovely outside door wreaths and hallway garland

--Thanks to Bender Electric for installing our beautiful new fans/light  fixtures 

--Thanks to Santa, Mrs. Claus and elf Belinda who delighted children of all ages

--Thanks to our musical guests who added to the festive atmosphere in unique fashion

--Thanks to the Board and members of URSCC for making CBH a warm, welcoming experience