​Angling Elementary (Portage, Michigan) "Wax Museum" 

2012 and 2013

The UGRR "Wax Museum"

In Cass County (4x)

The men
Slave catchers
They were trapped
By a large crowd
Outnumbered, defeated
Agreed to stand trial
It was needed
The men
Slave catchers
They were trapped
Outnumbered, defeated
Agreed to stand trial
It was needed
The Fugitive Slave Act
It didn't help them
Lost their slaves and wouldn't you
This Kentucky Raid went down for
What's an abolitionist?  Well now
you know
Those Kentucky men were told
They had to go
Bogue and the others helped
slaves on their way
They escaped to Canada with
other freed slaves
Bogue and his friends, yeah they
helped many men
On the Vandalia homestead to be
free again
What would you do if you were
there back then?
Would you help out…
On the Underground Railroad?

What's an abolitionist, now
you're gonna know
Someone who hates slavery
says it's gotta go
Time travel back now, in the
Learn about Quakers and freed
black families
They show cooperation and lots
of respect
To combat slavery, yeah that is
what you'll get
When all of the residents, they
fight together
To free all the slaves


On the Underground Railroad
Where you know you gotta go
Helping slaves down the road
On the Underground Railroad
Cass County is a stop to know

A hot, hot bed of abolitionists
Helping runaways out on the
Here was land and money to be
It was called  "Ramptown" where
escaped men would go
1847 August it was hot
Some Kentucky slave catchers
show up on the lot
A multitude of people wouldn't
let them pass
Bonded together

"On the Underground Railroad"

Angling Elementary 4th Grade Wax Museum May 29, 2013

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Underground Railroad Society

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