They have written a one minute script describing their character and will be in period costume.  Groups of students will be stationed in various room of the Bonine House waiting for visitors to press a "button" on their hand to hear about seven different groups of people associated with the Underground Railroad. Groups will focus on the stories of Freedom Seekers, the Kentucky Raid, Cass County Pioneers, Women Abolitionists, African American Civil War soldiers from Cass County, Connecting UGRR lines in the area, and the effects of the Slave Laws. The students are very excited about their presentation and invite everyone to come to see and hear "life-like" characters from the past. For more information, call the Underground Railroad Society of Cass County at 269-445-7358.

 "Wax" Museum at the Bonine House

Stacey Bonine and Colette Konkle’s 4th grade class from Angling Road Elementary in Portage will portray characters from the Underground Railroad at the Bonine House, Penn Rd and M-60, on Tuesday, June 3rd from 10:30 am to noon.  Stacey is a descendent of Lot Bonine, brother of James E., who built the Bonine House.  The presentation is titled "Wax Museum--Honoring the Underground Railroad of Michigan, Cass County and Beyond" Twenty-two students have researched characters from the period, and have chosen one to portray as a "wax" figure.  

UGRR "Wax Museum"

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Angling Elementary from Portage MI shown above before staging their Wax Museum

Angling Elementary (Portage, MI) Wax Museum

Portage Angling Elementary 4th grade presented their "Cass County and Beyond" Wax Museum on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2014.  Stacey Bonine and Colette Konkle's class divided into eight groups representing various characters on the Underground Railroad, and were stationed throughout the Bonine House. Visitors from all over the region enjoyed the presentation that began with a specially written song about Cass County abolitionists and the UGRR.

Underground Railroad Society

of Cass County, Michigan