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Everyone involved with URSCC is a volunteer, we have no paid staff.  To the contrary, our volunteers give of their time and often their money, with good will and good humor.  If volunteer hours were added up, we might already hover around a million since our inception in 2009.  At one time we named outstanding volunteers on this page.  Now, happily, there are too many to name.  Great thanks goes to our Board of Directors-- Mike Moroz, Beverly Young, Cathy LaPointe, Lin Pollard, Larry Sehy, Brenda Beadenkopf, Bill Beadenkopf and Nancy Neff, as well as Education Committee Chair Felomina Patton.  They have the reins of URSCC and along with their committees, handle all aspects of the organization.  They are responsible for our wonderful programs and events throughout the year, highlighting the Cass Co UGRR Wax Museum, Underground Railroad Days and Christmas at the Bonine House; as well as others.  We would not be here without our Board, our volunteers and our membership.  We rose from our community to tell the story of the Underground Railroad in Cass County, and to create a home to tell the story in the Bonine House and the Carriage House.  We are proud and humble and cannot thank everyone involved on this journey enough.  It truly is an inspiration.

A special thanks to Carol and Dave Bainbridge, whose experience and expertise allowed URSCC to become a viable organization, and gave the Bonine House and Carriage House their legacy of freedom.

Tom Nehil, Nehil-Sivak Consulting Structural Engineers, and Blair Bates,  Building Restoration Inc., to put it simply, saved the Bonine House. Thank you for allowing URSCC to continue with its goal of creating a community meeting center and focal point for UGRR education.

Dale Layman, Layman Construction, took us under his wing and acted as general manager for the restoration of the Bonine House.  He restored The Old Rugged Cross Church and gave Bonine House the same love and attention.  Dale worked closely with Arnie Bunkley, owner of AB2 Architecture, who donated many hours of design work pertaining to the Bonine House; giving us a professional platform to work from, now and in the future.

Corey Crocker-- is skillfully restoring many details of the Bonine House, focusing on windows, floors and intricate trim.  His knowledge of historic preservation is vast and comes into play in many areas, including expert refurbishing of pieces of furniture given to the house.

Mary Charlotte Bonine Roberts, who has given us her memories of growing up in the Bonine House and wonderful Bonine family heirlooms and photos.  We are thrilled to be restoring her much loved childhood home.

Jane Bonine Reilly-- is a 6th generation descendant of James E. and Sarah B. Bonine.  Her father, James, inherited the original Bonine furniture in the mid-1950's when Elk Park Farm was sold to the Wright family.  The furniture was used and lovingly cared for by his wife Ellie and their daughter.  In September, 2016 Jane donated several pieces to URSCC that are now displayed in the Bonine House.  We are so grateful to Jane for bringing the Bonine furniture home.

And to Mary Anne Bonine, who gave us our story, and literally put a roof over our heads, we dedicate our effort and commitment to this endeavor.  You inspired us, and your work will inspire generations.


We Appreciate the Support of These Organizations

​AB2 Architecture
Nehil-Sivak Consulting Structural Engineers
D. Layman Construction Co.
Building Restoration Inc.
Bender Electric
Rohdy Heating and Cooling
Roberts Quality Plumbing

Corey Crocker Restoration

Cripps Excavation
Newland Tree Farm
​WrightWay Landscaping

Fiala & Smith
G. W. Jones Exchange Bank

​Nichols Flooring

Swiss Valley 

Quality Masonry
Frymans Roofing
Dussell's Farm Market

Bullseye Construction
Monuments by Design
Hardings Supermarket

Cressy and Everett, Edwardsburg
Double M Painting Services
Preferred Printing
Creative Vinyl Signs
Joe Evans Plastering
Elk Park Feed Store
Porkys Party Place

R. J. Marketing, Ink.
Wagner Family Funerals
​Modern Woodmen

We Thank These Businesses for Their Financial  Support

and In-Kind Donations


URSCC and Friends of the Bonine House Donors --

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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